“A unique, fun and immersive experience encouraging reading for young space travellers.”

Zero Gravity Lunar Library is an original project by One to One Development Trust, it was created as a prototype Virtual Reality experience for Wakefield’s Festival of the Moon in 2019.

It was played by hundreds of visitors over a week-long festival held at WX (former Market Hall). The project proved so popular that was further developed as part of Word Fest 2022 as an education resource for children and young adults aged 7 plus for schools and libraries.

Available in VR, for touch screen and as a web based application, Zero Gravity Lunar Library asks the user to think about what book they would take on a journey to the Moon. Once inside the virtual library space rocket, you can see books that other visitors have brought on their journey into space.

Your mission is to explore the rocket and find facts about the moon. Once you’ve found the facts a locked door releases and you can take a space shuttle to the Moon's surface, where your mission is to plant a flag for Wakefield before the oxygen supply runs out.